Completed: October 2013

Seahaven is a luxurious resort located right on the Noosa Main Beach. It is a symbol of holiday accommodation, attracting travellers the world over. Recently it has undergone a complete makeover, giving Seahaven a more modern and sophisticated atmosphere.

Multitech Solutions, having listened to exactly what Seahaven Resort required, utilised our Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic designers to develop a plan to best suit their needs. Working in close collaboration we were able to develop an ideal design to allow for a modern atmosphere while maintaining sustainability and cost efficiency. Our Mechanical designers were able to effectively design a service for air conditioning and ventilation that worked at a high level of efficiency. Our Electrical designs in regards to telecommunications and security services were optimised to be as efficient as possible. Mutlitech’s Hydraulics team of designers implemented features ranging from sanitary drainage and water supply to fire sprinkler services essential to safety.

Seahaven Resort received a meticulous and detailed design that best suited their refurbishment requirements. With a focus on sustainability and cost efficiency being paramount, Multitech provided the solutions that Seahaven needed.