Completed: November 2014

Saint John Fisher School is a leading Catholic school. It provides students with a high level of education and instils in them values that help guide future development.

The Saint John Fisher School in Bracken Ridge is a leading Catholic school that holds the values of faith, truth, courage, and forgiveness. As an institution dedicated to the education of young women it is essential that the best possible facilities are available to students.

As a modern institution a vast majority of learning resources involve the use of electricity. Multitech Solutions was approached to improve the electrical services at the school campus. This involved the redesigning of the current electrical system throughout the school as well as installing additional services. Emergency lighting and exterior lighting became a major part of the design as both were needing extensive remodelling. Our Electrical designers created a system that improved reliability and was highly efficient. Lighting designs were aimed at reducing energy usage while providing a unique and aesthetic atmosphere.

Educational institutions are a pillar of the community. Schools are essential in providing young minds with the structured and nurturing environment they need to excel later in life. Saint John Fisher School is one of these fine educational institutions that strive to provide the best level of education possible for students.