Client: The University of Queensland 
Completed: August 2014

After the original Munro Childcare Centre was flooded it was deemed necessary to relocate it. A new site was selected on higher ground and the design and construction process commenced. This new childcare facility allows students to complete their studies at university while their children start their own education in a nurturing and friendly environment.

Multitech Solutions won the opportunity to design the new internal functions of the Munro Childcare Centre after it was relocated. This involved the use of our Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic engineers. The design of the air conditioning and ventilation was masterminded by our Mechanical engineers who provided an efficient service to reducing running costs and optimize comfort. Our Electrical engineers aimed for maximum energy efficiency. The lighting design and all other electrical services produced from this design met the requirements completely. Our Hydraulic engineers provided the water services needed for the new location. They aimed for cost efficiency and reached this goal through clever design and optimization of all hydraulic services.

Multitech Solutions was able to coordinate with the University of Queensland very effectively and this made it possible to meet all project needs in a timely manner. When it comes to the education and welfare of young minds, UQ and Multitech are able to provide facilities that aid in their development.