Project Description

Client: James Cook University
Completed: January 2012

James Cook University is a leading national institution of higher education. In order to keep providing students with the high quality education that the university has become known for, teaching facilities must be continually updated. The university envisioned a new two storey specialist building at the Douglas Campus in Townsville that would provide students and staff with all they would need to succeed. This building would house education spaces, offices, learning centres, a significant lecture theatre, and additional peer to peer spaces. All of this was to be designed and installed under the ambitious guiding value of sustainability.

With minds attuned to sustainability, Multitech designers began planning out the optimal solution to meet the needs of the university. The first major problem that required solving was that of supplying sufficient lighting for such a large building while maintaining a minimal draw of power. This was overcome by careful planning and clever design which allowed our team to implement a well-structured lighting scheme with a minimized cost. In addition to the optimized lighting scheme, our Electrical team created a complex yet easily implemented design for the electrical services required for the building. This included the implementation of the entire direct digital control system used to control everything from lifts to air conditioning. This electrical design was worked in close cooperation with our Mechanical designers to effectively implement the required mechanical services such as air conditioning, ventilation, and extensive ductwork. These services were refined to the ideal point of cost efficiency without sacrificing sustainability. Our Hydraulic team worked primarily on improving sustainability through sanitary drainage services and external water, namely stormwater and runoff that affects the surrounding area. Fire services were also a key element that required a high focus to detail and planning. Wet fire suppression systems and early detection alarms provide a high level of fire safety and asset protection.

The Specialist Teaching and Student Services building constructed for James Cook University was a milestone achievement for Multitech Solutions as well as the university. It encompassed every field of discipline and pushed our team to deliver the best solutions for complex challenges.