Client: Griffith University
Completed: December 2011

Griffith University provides students with access to not only learning services but also to high quality sporting and leisure facilities. The Aquatic Centre is one such facility aimed at giving students a safe place to train and relax between studies.

The Griffith University Aquatic Centre is a facility dedicated to enhancing the training capability of student athletes as well as providing a place to relax for other students. In order to provide this service at all times for students it was necessary to improve the lighting. Multitech Solutions, having worked well with Griffith University in the past, was tasked with designing a new lighting scheme.

Our Electrical engineers accepted the challenge of providing a cost effective yet sufficient lighting scheme to illuminate the interior and exterior of the centre. Reducing the energy usage of the aquatic centre while still maintaining ideal illumination for activities was a difficult challenge. This was overcome through careful planning and the use of specialized exterior sporting lights. Having full control over the design of the lighting also allowed for our Electrical engineers to experiment with the layout. Drawing on previous experience, Multitech was able to deliver a cost effective lighting design as well as implementing it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

With the new lighting features installed in an aesthetically pleasing display the atmosphere of the centre has improved. The Griffith University Aquatic Centre serves as a place for students to relax and train in a comfortable and safe environment.