Completed: June 2013

The commercial development at 51 Alfred street combines modern style with a superb location in the heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. It offers excellent facilities for businesses to operate out of and retail opportunities on the ground floor.

Multitech Solutions played a major role in the design of the interior Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Fire services for this building. Dealing with the issues of water supply and waste water falls upon the shoulders of the Hydraulics team who are experts at finding simple solutions to meet complex needs. This is evidenced in the unique and simple design of the intricate wet fire services integrated into the offices. Our Electrical engineers are also dedicated to finding the best solutions to meet client needs and have done so through designing a service that includes cost efficiency and sustainability as its main elements. Lift services as well as air conditioning are key in providing a comfortable and efficient working environment for the offices. Our Mechanical designers used their vast knowledge of these services to implement an optimized design that allows for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Multitech Solutions has been the main designer behind several similar projects and has learnt through experience exactly what our clients need and how best to meet those needs. The offices at 51 Albert Street are an excellent example of how our teams of designers at Multitech Solutions listens to what is needed and delivers exactly that.