Maintaining a focus on the balance between aesthetics, functionality, and budget has enabled Multitech Solutions to provide an exemplary range of engineering solutions for our clients since our founding in 1996.

Multitech’s Mechanical team has developed a reputation for delivering economical, optimised, and practical solutions. A diverse range of experienced designers drawn from various backgrounds come together to produce the finest quality documentation for our projects. Our team specialises in large scale laboratory design, chilled water and infrastructure, and consistently delivers the specific commercial and technical requirements our clients need.

Electrical and lighting design are key focusses of Multitech and our electrical team. Cost efficiency and sustainability are paramount when working in this field, and Multitech designers are experts at reducing cost and improving sustainability. Our team of dedicated electrical designers work tirelessly to ensure client needs are met. A growing strength of this team is their ability to provide sophisticated lighting design using 3D software to give clients realistic models of expected lighting levels. An emerging asset of Multitech Solutions is our ability to provide custom designed lighting schemes. These can highlight the features of a space and provide illumination in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Hydraulics is one of the most stringently regulated areas of building design and construction. Multitech’s experienced team of hydraulic experts excel at providing clients with effective solutions that meet both their needs and regulation standards. Our designers are focussed on cost efficiency while improving sustainability in order to best meet budget constraints and extend the life of the building. This focus allows us to reduce the environmental impact any project may have.

Fire protection is a highly regulated sector, and for good reason. Multitech delivers appropriate fire protection services for client projects. Our designs incorporate sophisticated fire detection systems as well as sprinkler systems, pumps, hydrants and fire hose reels to meet legislation and ensure the highest level of safety.

Trust is integral in any professional relationship. Our clients understand that we place their wellbeing above all else and believe in our ability to deliver what they need. Our services provide clients with Conditioning Auditing that lowers the risks they must take with their buildings. From fault testing to regulation checking, Multitech senior engineers scrutinise every aspect of newly acquired buildings to ensure our clients know exactly what they are buying.

Helpful, Responsive, and Thorough with every project, big or small.

Our reputation as a reliable and innovative engineering firm has been achieved through careful planning and living up to our core values of being Helpful, Responsive, and Thorough with every project, big or small.

The highly motivated and expertly skilled teams of engineers and designers are the backbone of Multitech Solutions. They work tirelessly to ensure their work exceeds the expectations of our clients. Our teams operate extensively in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics and Fire Protection Engineering. Such a diverse array of disciplines has led to the ingenious and innovative problem solving we are well known for.