1. What types of projects need an HAC?
    • Any project incorporating flammable goods.
    • This includes laboratories (including schools and universities), flammable liquid storage cabinets, fuel systems, dust extraction systems, spray booths, some industrial processes.
  2. Why do I need to do a hazardous area classification (HAC)?
    • To minimise the risk of explosion from electrical equipment wherever flammable vapours, liquids and gases or combustible dusts.
    • It is required by the Work Health and Safety Act and Electrical Safety Act.
    • Not carrying out an HAC can lead to large fines, closures of facilities, significant rebuilding and, in the worst case, life-threatening explosions.
  3. Who can undertake an HAC?
    • Multitech Solutions has a number of staff members trained to undertake an HAC. We have a competent team, with the appropriate training, background and experience.
    • We have worked on a wide range of HAC projects throughout Australia including schools, universities, warehouses, and airports.
    • We can also undertake hazardous area electrical design to provide a one stop shop for all issues associated with hazardous areas.