We are proud of our track record creating incredible projects and working side by side with our clients.

Community and Heritage

Public facilities are instrumental for the community as a whole. Multitech Solutions designs to best meet the needs of our community. We have designed for libraries, museums and art galleries with the idea of community and sustainability in mind.


Multitech Solutions has worked for both the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force on varying projects from living accommodation to maintenance facilities for armoured vehicles. Standards expected by Defence are high and we strive to exceed those standards in order to deliver the best result.


Our experience with the design of secondary education facilities has ranged from infrastructure planning to integrated learning centres including lecture theatres and multifunction rooms. Every educational facility has its own specific needs and we implement our ability to be flexible in order to meet these needs.

Feature Lighting

Feature lighting is an emerging art form that Multitech Solutions has been developing in our ranks. Our teams are able to design lighting schemes that can complement architectural design or stand alone as a feature themselves.

Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) is involved when electrical components are located in the presence of flammable liquids, flammable gases or explosive dusts. Multitech specializes in minimizing the risk these pose on a project.


Multitech Solutions prides itself on being involved with the design of some of Australia’s most modern healthcare institutions. Our teams have designed aged care facilities and trauma wards alike and deliver high quality solutions to meet complex needs.


Multitech Solutions has worked closely with clients to provide them with exceptional complexes on an industrial scale, including warehouses, data centres, air traffic control towers and systems, and production facilities, while reducing environmental impacts wherever possible.


Multitech Solutions has been involved with designs for many outstanding residential expansions. From high rise residential developments to world class hotels, Multitech delivers exceptional designs for unique buildings.

Retail and Hospitality

Multitech Solutions has worked closely with developers to deliver retail and hospitality spaces that creates the right atmosphere to invoke memorable experiences for patrons. Large scale shopping complexes and unique restaurants all benefit from out team’s designs.

Sport and Leisure

Our designers at Multitech Solutions have delivered exceptional training and leisure centres. These include specialist fitness centres, aquatic facilities and sporting facilities used by the general public and professional sporting teams alike.


Tertiary education facilities have some of the most varying needs and Multitech Solutions has developed the ability to address these needs and provide efficient solutions to best meet client needs. We recognise that these institutions require the highest level of infrastructure in order to provide an exceptional level of education, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver this for them.

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